Mississippi Colonel

Provision for the Mississippi Colonel

The military staff of the Governor shall be divided into two kinds:  the personal staff of the Governor and the military staff of the military department.  The Governor may detail from the active list not more than ten National Guard officers, who, in addition to their regular duties, shall perform the duties of aides-de-camp on the personal staff of the Governor.  In addition thereto the Governor may appoint such aides from the citizenship of this state as he shall choose, such appointees from the citizenship of the state to bear the honorary title of colonel and to have the right to wear such uniform as may be prescribed by the Governor, but who shall not by virtue of such appointment be deemed a part of the Mississippi National Guard and who shall not by virtue of such appointment participate directly or indirectly in the appropriations made by this state or by the United States for the support of the military department.  The appointment of all aides shall terminate upon the expiration of the term of office of the Governor upon whose staff they may be serving.


Mississippi Code Title 33. Military Affairs § 33-3-5