Organizations Past and Present

There are a great number of organizations that have emerged in history which are organized behind the concept of honorary colonelcy or show deference to colonels with clubs or committees within their organizations and institutions. There are also a great number of high schools, colleges and universities that have adopted the colonel as their mascot or namesake for sports teams.

Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International (HOBGI)

Don't let the name fool you, this is a serious and well-intentioned charitable organization that developed in Green Lake, Wisconsin in 1906. The fraternal organization is composed of men and women who work in the Insurance industry and related businesses that has over a century of tradition and history. Members flock together at Ponds and Puddles located all over the United States, Canada and Australia.

In 1910 Frank G. Snyder was elected to the station of Grand Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg. After successfully occupying the succeeding stations, in 1913 he was elevated to that of the Most Loyal Grand Gander. A gala occasion was held at the La Salle Hotel, Chicago, Illinois in 1914, and Most Loyal Gander Frank G. Snyder officiated.

It was at this meeting in Chicago that the first Kentucky Colonel model degree team initiated their presentation of the rites of the order. The members of that team were: James E. Crittenden, Roy Hunt, Milton C. Miller, Claude F. Snyder, Sr., George R. Snyder, Robert W. Snyder, H. H. Crittenden, and M. B. Russell.

Since that time, other Kentucky Colonel Model Degree Teams have appeared at Grand Nest Grand Nest meetings: at Cincinnati, Ohio in 1939, in North Carolina in 1941, French Lick, Indiana in 1950 , and Miami Beach, Florida in 1967. By that date, however, the name was changed to, “The Kentucky Colonel Model Initiation Team”.

Personnel of the Kentucky Colonel Initiation Team, Honorable Order of Blue Goose International in Cincinnati, Ohio c.1939. The HOBGI was established in Green Lake, Wisconsin in 1906 and today has chapters called Ponds and Puddles. Photo caption reads: 33rd Annual Grand Nest Meeting