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Help us improve our website, publish content and if we reach our goals publish our book with you and everyone else in it as a colonel? All donations help until we reach our basic goals each year. Currently we are raising funds to hire a professional web developer to help catalog hundreds of pages of genealogical records, photographs and history books that are just now being digitized.

Help Us Improve our Website(s)

Some things cannot be done without money, research is often done in passion, so stories only require a single source, but everyone is usually more confident when there are two. To introduce a compendium of articles and facts we have gathered we need to hire competent editors, that are accountable for their work; otherwise we end up with a hodge-podge of information and facts leaving the search engine to index record numbers instead of redacted sortable titles with author name.

Donations are Rewarded

We do not have much to give, or many staff to be able to attend to any of our donors needs, if any? We hope as fellow colonels that you will subscribe to our website, provide us with some resources and we will make sure they are implemented very economically at a rate of $8 to $15 per hour for online editorial research for publication. Webpages can take anywhere from several hours to a week or more to develop including background information and embedding links.

Being a Colonel is Special

Because the Title: Colonel is the greatest title that can be held in North America by a person that is not of nobility, it makes us wonder what all these colonels were doing when they took over the 13 Colonies from the British starting in 1774 with their expulsion and removal after these same Governors made them into colonels.

What types of powers did these common law colonels have over others, the colonists? This among other legal common-law duties and privileges are being discussed among us.

Quid Pro Quo

There is no quid pro quo, we accept your donation and you will be subscribed to our mailing list, you will be informed when we have a major website update, we will graciously and perhaps eloquently thank you as well. Some of us are more corny or nerdy than others; we like promotional items, attire, ball caps, uniforms and other official gear which we have planned once we reach our donation goal, we cannot build what we need to for an international audience based on goodwill alone. We also know that people like the feeling of being engaged in a membership organization so we are working on a project for the 250th Anniversary of the American Colonel, that is in 2025 in Madison County, Kentucky the birthplace of the American Pioneer Colonel, everyone that donates now to the American Colonels website campaign will receive a notification and special subscription offer.